How About a Vegan Vacation in the Mediterranean?

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Come take a vacation on the beautiful island of Mallorca Spain in the Mediterranean and take a Vegan cooking workshop with like minded people and make new friends.  We offer multiple types of courses in May, June, July of 2018…. pastry, international street food, or our most popular Plant Based & Vegan Training for Cooks and Chefs. Come see why the Vegan Society rated Mallorca Island the top Vegan Vacation destination of the world. See course offerings below.


Plant Based Vegan Training



Plant Based Vegan Training is a certificate course focused on improving people’s skills on using non-animal plant based products to make mainstream vegan dishes that taste amazing, and to develop dishes that meet health and food allergy objectives, as well as understanding how respecting religious or belief dietary requirements can be a pathway to larger acceptance of plant based vegan cuisine.


  • Monday- Friday 10H-13H, 30 minute lunch break, 13:30H-16:30H (10 sessions)
  • Weekend (no class)
  • Monday-Wednesday 10H-13H, 30 minute lunch break, 13:30H-16:30H (6 sessions)

Free From That’s  Vegan cooking schools is a niche/specialty school in the art of elaborating vegan dishes. The training program is for using your existing skills in a restaurant, hotel, catering or kitchen environment and taking them to the next level. The series is offered in sixteen (16) four (3) hour sessions over two week period that provides the building blocks of plant based vegan cuisine to replace conventional dishes that use animal based products.



Vacation and Train in Exotic Mallorca Island Spain in the Mediterranean Sea (Package Price)



People are always looking for a reason to justify taking a vacation to a beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

This package course offering is designed for people who want to join other people interested in Plant Based cuisine and learn the foundations of vegan cooking.

Come join like minded people and have fun in the Mediterranean sun on the island that is one of the top destinations in Europe! Come and take a vacation on the island of Mallorca Spain for 1 month and learn plant based vegan cuisine at one of the leading Vegan Training centers of the world.


Vegan Pastry & Desserts Course



The Vegan Pastry course is designed to take students through the world of “Veganizing” the pastries from around the world. The course travels through the world of common omnivore desserts that use milk, egg, and other non vegan dairy products and shows alternative solutions found in the world of seeds, nuts, yeasts, undersea plants, and modernist ingredients.

  • 8 Day Intensive Course
  • Multiple 3 hours class modules spread over 2 week period
  • Over 48 Hours of Vegan training 
  • Extensive theory and reference materials are provided. 
  • Certificate of Completion issued upon completion.


Vegan Around the World (1 Week)



Global Vegan is a course designed to bring like minded people from around the world together for a week of fun, learning, and cooking under the Mediterranean sun. In this 5 Day Course we take you around the world through food to show how you can convert traditional dishes around the world into tasty vegan international delights!

Did you want to come and learn some new cooking techniques and ingredients? With the optional Accommodation Package, Airport Transfer, and Vegan Concierge service you can have a hassle free vacation on the island that is called the jewel of the Mediterranean Sea that was rated by the Vegan Society UK as the leading vegan vacation destination of the world.


 Meet Like Minded People… in the Sun!


Come and see our course offerings for Summer of 2018 and become a Vegan Certified Chef… and eat great food, and meet like minded people.




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