Award-Winning Actress and Humanitarian, Saye Yabandeh, Featured on the Cover of Vegan Lifestyle Magazine

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June 7, 2017 – Los Angeles, CA – Award winning actress, executive producer and humanitarian, Saye Yabandeh, is featured on the cover of Vegan Lifestyle Magazine’s June 2017 edition. Vegan Lifestyle Magazine creates community and introduces its audience to like-minded people. It presents a vegan world that is “welcoming, accepting and friendly”.

Yabandeh is a Los Angeles-based actress and the Global Ambassador for the Global Citizen Foundation and the founder of, which supports impoverished and underserved children and families in Cambodia, India, Vietnam and other countries around the world. She works with many international child welfare organizations in the United States and abroad.

 The magazine may be downloaded for via the App Store or Google Play at this link:

About Saye Yabandeh

Saye Yabandeh has appeared in 34 films and on numerous television programs. She is also the CEO of Leo Entertainment which is based out of New York and Los Angeles. Yabandeh has performed many action roles and feels athleticism is the success key to much of her work. She is also an avid polo player, swimmer, and yoga and fitness advocate.  Miss Yabandeh studied producing and directing at UCLA and drama at the Meisner Center.

In 2014, Yabandeh was nominated for Best LGBT Project for her film Sholeh, at the Action on Film Awards Festival, which she also wrote and directed. She was also nominated for Best Female Filmmaker for Sholeh the same year. In 2013, Yabandeh won the Best Supporting Actress Award for Lu at the 168 Film Festival, in 2011, she won the best Actress Award at the 11th Annual Beverly Hills Film Festival Award Winners for 5th and Alameda, she was also the Executive Producer on the film. In 2011, Yabandeh won Best Actress and Best Actress in a Feature for 5th & Alameda from the Action on Film International Film Festival and Writers’ Celebration.


About the Global Citizen Foundation

Connected to the prestigious annual Global Citizen Forum, the Global Citizen Foundation is committed to making a difference by reaching out to children and young people in need. The organization focuses on education, but also seek to contribute to the next generation of leaders and education policy worldwide.

Press inquiries, please contact Lisa Helfer Elghazi at: 1-646-373-9946 or via email:


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